Open Platform


3:00pm Considering Pacific Standard Time

Pacific Standard Time evolved into more than 60 exhibitions presented by cultural institutions across Southern California in a pioneering effort to preserve, explore and redefine Southern California art from the post-World War II era through the turbulent 1960s and 1970s. Join Getty Foundation Deputy Director Joan Weinstein, Deputy Director; Getty Research Institute Andrew Perchuk in a conversation moderated by arts writer, Hunter Drohojowska-Philp about the impact of PST.


1:00pm Isolation or Community: Contemporary Art Practice & Artists-in-Residence Programs

A broad discussion about the growing importance of residency programs internationally in artists’ practice and their place in the cultural landscape. The field of residency programs has grown enormously over the last 15 years. How is the residency experience significantly furthering the research and development aspect of the creative process for artists? And, is the field enhancing or shaping the public perception in the U.S. of the role of artists in society? Panelists will included Caitlin Strokash, Executive Director, Alliance of Artists’ Communities, Providence, RI and artist, Clayton Campbell.


3:00pm Art Market Pulse: Evaluating Challenges for Collectors, Cultural Institutions, Artists in the Current Market | Presented by Chubb Insurance

Join Dorit Strauss from Chubb Group as she moderates a discussion about the valuation of artwork with attorney Sarah Conley Odenkirk and appraiser Jackie Silverman.  Together they will consider the state of the art market and other issues of interest to collectors


5:00pm Collecting Contemporary Middle Eastern Art

This panel will discuss Contemporary Middle Eastern Art as a vibrant and fast growing field, highlighting the appeal, process and challenges of collecting this type of art. The panel will include the perspectives of museum curators, private collectors, artists and gallery owners. 


1:00pm Local Collectors Collecting Locally

Significant local collectors discuss their commitment to collecting Los Angeles area artists.


3:00pm Thinking Through Photography

With photography as ubiquitous as it is, artists working with the medium today take carefully considered approaches to the medium. In a conversation moderated by MOCA associate curator Rebecca Morse, artists Amanda Ross-Ho and Carter Mull will talk about their work and how it is influenced by photography.


5:00pm Feeding The Dragon: How Alternative Spaces keep the Monster Satiated

This panel will examine how alternative spaces serve as feeders to commercial galleries and how artists move between them. Panelists will include Max Presneill, organizer of Art Platform’s Co/Lab, Jan van der Ploeg (Amsterdam), and Michelle Grabner (Chicago) moderated by Jason Ramos.